1650 Copper Foil Tape is a special electrolytic grade copper foil tape. The copper foil tape is equipped with a uniformly high tensile alloy that possesses carefully controlled dead soft temper. This allows for tight conformation while cutting edges and casting surfaces. This line of foil tapes contains an acrylic adhesive system which is resistant to high temperatures, such as those encountered in soldering.

Unit of Measure

Technical Data

Foil Thickness (PSTC #33)

N/A 1.35 mils (34.3 µ)

Total Thickness (PSTC #31)

N/A 3.00 mils (76.2 µ)

Tensile/inch width(PSTC #31)

N/A 36 lbs/inch (163 Newtons)

Elongation (PSTC #31)

N/A 6%

Adhesion/inch width(PSTC #1)

N/A 61 oz (16.9 Newtons)

Shear Adhesion (PSTC #7) Indefinite @

N/A 2 psi (13.79 Pa)