Lightweight saturated crepe paper, coated with natural rubber all-purpose product for non-critical applications. Adheres to and removes cleanly from a wide variety of surfaces. Not recommended for outdoor exposure.

  • NCWT1 Masking tape

    Lightweight, black, moisture-resistant, medium crepe paper masking tape with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. The black color imparts moderate resistance to Ultra Violet light.

    NCWT1 Mosisture-Resistant Masking Tape


    An outstanding paper tape that can be used for a wide range of industrial applications, our printable rope paper tape is available in five vibrant colors. Printable rope is the perfect paper tape for identification labeling and an ideal combination consumer packaging. It is widely used for bag sealing, color coding and packaging closures.

  • Paper tape

    PF14 paper tape is a medium tensile strength, pressure-sensitive, kraft flatback, paper packaging and identification tape designed for lightweight packaging, bag locking, decorative edging, marking and color coding. This paper tape possesses a specially formulated adhesive which provides easier unwind capabilities while exhibiting an excellent balance of face to face adhesion and quick stick characteristics. It is printable with standard flexographic ink.