1450 Lead Foil Tape is a 100% pure lead foil tape possessing a 5-mil thick coating using a specially designed weather resistant, aggressive acrylic adhesive system. This system has strong tack, bond and resistance to solvents and heat. This lead foil tape is highly malleable and can be shaped to form the most intricate patterns.

Unit of Measure

Technical Data

Foil Thickness

N/A 5 mils (0.005") 0.127 mm

Total Thickness

N/A 6.5 mils (0.0065") 0.165 mm

Peel Adhesion

N/A 56.3 oz/in. width (15.9 N/2.5 cm)


N/A 23 lbs/in. width (104.2 N/2.5 cm)


N/A 30%

Temperature Resistance

N/A -30°F to 275°F (-34°C to 135°C)

Low Sealing Temperature

N/A 40°F (4°C)

Standard Lengths

N/A 36 yards on a 3" core