Application Ideas: Cargo pit applications for freight carrying aircraft, Challenging applications where high adhesion and flame resistance is critical, Seaming and repairing cargo compartment liners, Covering pins & rivets, General purpose patching, sealing and bundling.

Unit of Measure



N/A PE Coated Cloth


N/A Rubber


N/A White Printed, Silver (not printed)


N/A Meets FAR 25.853(a). Listed Fk05-006 and Fk05-113

Total Thickness

N/A 12 mils (304.8mic)


N/A 40 oz/in (4.38 N/cm)

Tensile Strength

N/A 29 lb/in (50.79 N/cm)

Operating Temperature

N/A 40 to 200°F (4 to 93°C)

Storage & Usage Conditions

N/A 40-60% Humidity, 60°F-80°F

Storage Life

N/A 24 months from date of manufacture.

Features & Benefits


  • Aggressive adhesion to all surfaces
  • Complies with FAR 25.853 (a)
  • Crisp, straight tear
  • Extremely conformable
  • High tensile strength for difficult applications
  • Meets requirements for use in aircraft cargo compartments
  • Moisture, solvent & abrasion resistant
  • Natural Rubber Based Adhesive
  • PE-Coated Cloth Backing
  • Resists flagging and lifting