NADCO® 3 Mil Copper Tape consists of a 110 annealed electrolytic tough pitch copper that is highly conductive and backed with a 2 mil solvent based aggressive permanent acrylic adhesive recommended for use with a variety of applications including closed cell foams, metal, nameplates, glass, and plastic films. The adhesive is also UL 969 approved for label and marking systems.
Unit of Measure



N/A Copper

Typical Adhesive Performance Data

Adhesive Thickness

N/A 2 mil

Release Liner

N/A 60# Bleached Kraft

Peel Adhesion from Stainless Steel

N/A 83 oz/in

Peel Adhesion from Acrylic

N/A 107 oz/in

Peel Adhesion from Polypropylene

N/A 16 oz/in

Peel Adhesion from Glass

N/A 106 oz/in
Test Method for Peel Adhesion1 N/A ASTM D 903

Expected Shear

N/A 40 h
Test Method for Expected Shear2 N/A ASTM D 3654 Method A


N/A 970 g

Minimum Application Temperature

N/A 50 ºF

Service Temperature

N/A -40 to 300 ºF
Shelf Life3 N/A 2 y



N/A Performance data indicates average production values from the substrates listed on this technical data sheet and should be used as a guide only and not for minimum specification values. As such, NADCO® shall in no event constitute a warranty of any kind with this or any other product. All purchasers of this product are independently responsible for determining the suitability of the material for which it is purchased.
  • 1 Modified for 72 hr dwell time
  • 2 1 hr. dwell, 1, 4 lb. load
  • 3 When stored at 70 ºF and 50 % RH