• LF20 Lead Foil Adhesive Tapes

    Nadco® Lead Foil Tape LF20 is a 5 mil (125 micron) pure lead foil tape. Highly malleable, it can be shaped to the most intricate patterns. Aggressive acrylic adhesive has good tack, bond and resistance to solvents and heat. Nadco® tape LF20 can be used for golf club weighting, radiation shielding, for electroplating, and is also used to simulate lead glass windows.

  • foil-tape

    1450 Lead Foil Tape is a 100% pure lead foil tape possessing a 5-mil thick coating using a specially designed weather resistant, aggressive acrylic adhesive system. This system has strong tack, bond and resistance to solvents and heat. This lead foil tape is highly malleable and can be shaped to form the most intricate patterns.

  • Nadco® Image

    Stainless Steel Tape 862 is a 2.0 mil type 304 stainless steel foil tape with high performance acrylic adhesive on a liner. NADCO® 862 stainless steel tape offers a non-corrosive, non-magnetic tape for use in marine, food processing, and nuclear applications. NADCO® 862 is coated with an aggressive acrylic adhesive system that creates a good bond to metals and other high surface energy materials.