• Vinyl Anti-Slip Tape

    This barefoot friendly non-slip tape possesses a long shelf-life, "write-on" capability and is compliant with many OSHA Requirements. Designed to be an extra precaution in accident prone locations, it is highly conformable and resistant to aging and a variety corrosive chemicals.

  • 189 Grit Safety Tape

    Grit Safety Tape helps to prevent injuries caused by falling or slipping on ladders, stairs, ramps and more. This tape is created with a coarse mineral coating that allows for excellent traction.

  • GRIT

    189 Y/B is a mineral-coated film non-slip tape, possessing one side that is pressure sensitive. This anti-slip grit tape is protected by a removable liner.

  • glow-tape

    In emergency situations, there is always the possibility of panic and the risk of serious injury due to slips and falls. Glo Brite Safety Track is a non-skid, mineral-coated photoluminescent glow in the dark tape that provides unsurpassed, non-slip protection on hazardous surfaces. Because Glo Brite Safety Track absorbs and stores energy from ambient light, this glow in the dark tape is instantly visible in the event of darkness. Glo Brite Safety Track easily adheres to most surfaces, making this glow in the dark tape ideal for stairs and other potentially slick surfaces that are part of your low-level emergency egress system.

  • ASV-glow

    Vinyl Anti-Slip Tape is characterized by moderate tensile strength, high elongation and good tear strength. Calendering has built in stresses that are common cause vinyl shrinkage and affect dimensional stability.